Board of Directors Bio

John J. Sherman
Director since 2009

Mr. Sherman is vice chairman of the Cleveland Indians Baseball Club and a director of Crestwood Equity GP LLC (formerly known as Inergy GP, LLC). He was a director of Crestwood Midstream GP LLC (formerly known as NRGM GP, LLC) prior to this entity merging with Crestwood Equity GP, LLC. He formerly served as the Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of NRGM GP, LLC, general partner of Inergy Midstream, L.P. (2011-2013). He also served as Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Inergy GP, LLC (the general partner of Inergy, L.P.) (2001-2013) and served as President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Inergy Holdings GP, LLC (2005-2010). Mr. Sherman serves as a member of the Company’s Audit and Compensation and Development Committees. Mr. Sherman is also a director of KCP&L and GMO (since 2009).