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Where is Evergy common stock traded?
Evergy is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol EVRG.
What is the CUSIP number for Evergy common stock?
Evergy common stock CUSIP number is 30034W 106.
Who is the transfer agent of Evergy?

Evergy’s transfer agent is Computershare. Please find contact information for Computershare below.

U.S. Postal Mail:
Computershare Trust Company
P.O. Box 505000
Louisville, KY 40233-5000

Overnight Delivery:
Computershare Trust Company
462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600
Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: (866) 239-8177

What is Evergy’s common stock dividend?

Future dividend payments are subject to approval by Evergy’s Board of Directors.

Subject to approval by the Board of Directors, Evergy’s initial annual dividend rate is expected to be of $1.84 per share per year.

For detailed information on prior dividends, please visit our Historical Great Plains Energy and Westar Energy Information page.

What were the impacts of the merger between Great Plains Energy and Westar Energy to my dividend?

Evergy has maintained the dividend policy of former Great Plains Energy, which resulted in an approximate 15 percent dividend increase for former Westar Energy shareholders. The first dividend paid to the shareholders of Evergy common stock will be paid in accordance of former Great Plains Energy’s dividend policy. The initial dividend rate is expected to be $1.84 per share per year, subject to approval from the Evergy Board, which would result in an approximately 15 percent dividend increase for former Westar Energy Shareholders.

Evergy is targeting annual dividend growth and compounded annual earnings per share growth of 6 to 8 percent through 2021, based off Westar Energy’s 2016 EPS of $2.43, and a 60 to 70 percent dividend payout ratio.

Who are the executives of Evergy?

Terry Bassham is the President and CEO. Tony Somma, is the Executive Vice President (EVP) and CFO. Kevin Bryant is the EVP and Chief Operating Officer. Greg Greenwood is EVP, Strategy and Chief Administrative Officer.

Mark Ruelle, Westar’s former President and CEO, is now the non-executive Chairman of the Board. The combined company’s board of directors includes an equal number of directors from Great Plains Energy and Westar, including both Mark Ruelle and Terry Bassham.

For more information about our leadership team and board of directors, please visit our Leadership Team and Board of Directors pages.

Where are Evergy headquarters located?
Evergy will maintain operating headquarters in both Kansas City, MO and Topeka, KS. Legal headquarters will be in Kansas City, MO. The Kansas City headquarters are located at 1200 Main Street Kansas City, Missouri 64105. The Topeka headquarters are located at 818 South Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas 66612.
I am an original shareholder of Great Plains Energy or Westar Energy, and I am unfamiliar with the other company. Where can I find information on either Great Plains Energy or Westar Energy?
To locate historical information about Great Plains Energy or Westar Energy, please visit our Historical Great Plains Energy and Westar Energy Information page.
Where should I address additional questions?
You may submit your questions to the Investor Relations email address or by contacting Evergy Shareholder Relations at 800-245-5275.
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