Where is Great Plains Energy common stock traded?

Great Plains Energy common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol GXP.


What is the CUSIP number for Great Plains Energy common stock?

Great Plains Energy common stock CUSIP number is 391164100.


How can I invest in Great Plains Energy common stock?

Great Plains Energy common stock can be purchased direct through the Great Plains Energy Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase Plan or through a financial institution that offers brokerage services. For more information on the Plan, please visit the Great Plains Energy Shareholder Services Web page.


Can I send a cashiers check or money order to open a Dividend Reinvestment/Direct Stock Purchase account with Great Plains Energy?

No. Computershare does not accept cash equivalent checks such as money orders or cashiers checks as a precautionary measure against money laundering.


Who is the company's transfer agent?

462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (866) 239-8177
Web site: www.computershare.com


Where are my stock certificates?

Most Great Plains Energy shareholders hold their stock in "street name" (i.e. with their broker) or with the transfer agent in book entry (electronic) form and do not have physical stock certificates. If you would like to request a stock certificate, contact your broker or Computershare at the number listed above.


Does Great Plains Energy pay a common stock dividend?

Yes. Great Plains Energy currently pays a dividend of $0.2750 per share per quarter. The indicated annual dividend rate is $1.10 per share.


Has Great Plains Energy had any stock splits?

Yes. Great Plains Energy common stock split history is listed below:

1/28/63 2-for-1 adjusted price: $40.25
11/16/83 3-for-2 adjusted price: $21.6667
5/29/92 2-for-1 adjusted price: $22.25


What is Great Plains Energy's fiscal year?

Great Plains Energy's fiscal year is the calendar year ending on December 31.


Who are the financial analysts that follow Great Plains Energy?

Please go to our Analysts page for a listing of those firms and analysts that cover Great Plains Energy.


Where can I get Great Plains Energy and KCP&L SEC Filings?

Please go to our SEC Filings page.


Who are the members of Great Plains Energy Board of Directors?

Please visit the Board of Directors Bio page for a listing of board members and their brief biographies.


How can I get other questions answered?

Please submit your question using the Investor Relations email address.


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